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Aldon railroad car mover jack tool for moving rail cars
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Item #: 4017-01
Price: $454.41


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    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

    Currently unavailable until Mid to End September

    Hand Car Mover. Car Mover multiplies worker's efforts through compound leverage. Includes handle. Weight 20 lbs. Flat track only.

    Replacement handles are also available Here.


    1. For use on flat track only. Do not use this product to push railcars up or down slopes.
    2. When moving a car, keep the foot engaged with the wheel at all times. Do not let car wheel fall back onto car mover foot. It is not designed to be a wheel chock.
    3. Turn and replace spurs when edges become dull.
    4. Do not stand or jump on the handle in order to gain more leverage.
    5. Use this product on standard railroad car wheels only.
    6. Check wooden handle for cracks or splits before each use.
    7. Rail surface must be clean. Do not install this product on oily or greasy rail - product may slip.