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Aldon crane rail puller tugger for dragging crane rail
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Item #: 4016-24
Price: $637.00


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    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

    Rail Tugger for Crane Rail. Custom-sized for a specific crane rail size and section. Steel wedge dogs clamp to rail head for positive anchoring. Pull horizontally to drag or position 39-foot lengths of rail. Pulling direction must always be in the direction shown above, so wedge drives itself into slot between wedge dogs. Do not attempt to lift or hoist rail using Tugger. Tugger can also be used as a rail anchor for pulling an inoperative overhead crane by means of a come-along puller. Maximum horizontal pulling limit: 4000 lbs. Tugger can also be made for a specific size and section of railroad T-rail. To order: specify rail size and section. Weight approx. 17 lbs. (depends on rail size)