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Aldon railcar car stabilizer for railcar repair
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Item #: 4024-01
Price: $487.00
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    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

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    Designed as back-support to powers lifting jacks for wheel assembly removal operations. Specify height required. Use 4024-01-A oak cushion pad to reduce chance for slipping. Follow CAUTIONS listed below when using this product.

    Load capacity: 125,000 lbs
    Base: 19" dia. steel circle
    Column: 4-1/2" OD steel pipe
    Top: 12" (with lugs to keep oak pad in place)
    Height: maximum 50". Customer chooses height. A drawing of stand will be sent to customer for approval. All stands are custom-made and not returnable.

    Weight: 155 lbs.


    1. Do not use this product as the sole means of supporting a raised railcar
    2. No worker should be underneath the railcar at any time when using this product
    3. Use stand in pairs or multiple pairs, depending on the situation
    4. Install stand under jacking pad behind powered lifting jacks
    5. Leave no daylight between top of stand and underside of jacking pad
    6. If railcar is lifted at one end only, rear car wheels must be securely blocked