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Aldon railroad foul / clear point marker
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  • Aldon railroad foul / clear point marker
  • Aldon railroad foul / clear point marker
  • Aldon railroad foul / clear point marker

Use to comply with FRA Rule 49 CFR 218.101(c)

Each railroad shall implement procedures that enable employees to identify clearance points and means to identify locations where clearance points will not permit a person to safely ride on the side of a car."

    Aldon's permanent, highly visible and all-weather Track Clearance Marker tells switching crews how far they can shove a car without "fouling" converging tracks. Left uncorrected, a fouled track will cause a collision with a passing train.

    Low-profile bright yellow urethane marker to indicate parking limits on tracks encased in concrete or asphalt. Marker is 36" long by 6" wide and 1" thick. All four sides of the marker are beveled to avoid being caught by snow plows. Keep the marker visible in winter by sweeping it clear of snow when you clean the switch points. Marker is installed perpendicular to rails at the same distance as required for exposed track clearance markers. In concrete paving, marker is anchored with three lag bolts and expanding shields.


    "Getting Close" Indicator: Install Track Clearance Markers one car length away from Bumping Post to alert switch crew to prepare to stop.

    Mark off designated Load/Unload areas at rail docks.

    Car Repair Shops: Use to indicate where bad-order cars should be spotted for repair (4015-146 - for mounting on concrete pavement)

    Weight 5 lbs.

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