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Item #: 4120-04
Price: $18,744.00


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    For corrosive and sticky materials.

    The impact wrench produces up to 13,000 ft-lbs of torque at 85 psi. Requires 114 cfm air volume for best performance. Hose connection 1" universal style coupling. Rubber tires can be flipped sideways to move the workmaster from gate to gate. Self-closing lever throttle, wheel pivot and forward-reverse controls are all grouped together.

    Includes the following accessories: 10" long square drive fitting, airline lubricator, 1 quart oil. If worker positions Workmaster as close to side of car as possible, square-drive fitting will make contact with gate sockets as much as 41" in from side of car. If your socket positions are farther in than 41", order 12" extension. Weight 520 lbs.