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    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

    Urethane double chock with fiberglass handles for use with transit cars and passenger cars. Apply brakes before installing chocks. Do not use on freight cars being worked or locomotives.

    Picture depicts exposed rail model.

    Tension cord is sized to fit minimum 28" diameter wheel and can be stretched to accommodate up to a 36" diameter wheel.

    Use on flat track only. Apply brakes before installing chocks

    More Cautions

    1. For use with transit and passenger cars with wheels 28" diameter or larger.
    2. Not recommended for heavier freight cars and/or where excessive vibration takes place.
    3. Car must be at rest before installing chocks. Set car brake first, then install chock. Chock alone will not hold car.
    4. Do not use on grades.
    5. Keep fingers and hands away from car wheel. Watch your head!
    6. Rail surface must be clean. Do not install this product on oily or greasy rail - product may slip.
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    Exposed Rail


    Flush rail