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Aldon railcar stopper chock for stopping moving railroad cars
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  • Aldon railcar stopper chock for stopping moving railroad cars
  • Car Stopper Wheel Chock - 4011-11
Item #: 4011-11
Price: $166.92


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    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

    Bring slow-moving car to a stop by thrusting urethane wedge several times in front of the car wheel. With each thrust, some of the forward momentum is absorbed. The wedge will hold the wheel temporarily until a steel wheel chock can be installed. A useful means of car control when moving freight cars with a car puller.

    Use to guide loaded & unloaded cars to scale checks.
    Stop cars at exact points at loading zones.
    Guide cars in and out of repair shops.

    Use on flat track only.

    Weight 6 lbs


    1. Do not use to stop runaways cars. Car must be creeping along.
    2. Use on flat track only. Do not use on grades.
    3. Be sure that there is an effective alternate means of stopping the railcar if the Car Stopper does not bring the car to a stop.
    4. It may be necessary to use the chock several times in succession to stop car.
    5. Be sure chock is placed squarely on top of rail.
    6. Stay clear of railcar at all times.
    7. Once car is stopped, apply brake, and install steel chocks at both ends of the car.
    8. Rail surface must be clean. Do not install this product on oily or greasy rail - product may slip.