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  • Blue Flashing Solar Light w/Bracket - 4015-135
  • Blue Flashing Solar Light w/Bracket - 4015-135
  • Blue Flashing Solar Light w/Bracket - 4015-135
Item #: 4015-135
Price: $444.43
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    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

    Solar-powered blue flashing light includes mounting bracket to attach to any square or flat sign holder. Shock proof and NEMA-4X rain and dust proof. Gravity switch (light turns off at 45° angle). Note that the mounting bracket for attaching to a derail sign holder is shortened. Please indicate above if you will be mounting the light on a derail or a standard sign holder. if you will be ordering both types, you will need to click "add to cart" for each selection.


    Derail Activation Alert

    When derail is on the rail, blue light flashes. Blue flashing solar light bolts to any 1” square derail sign holder.

    Blue Flag Alert

    Blue flashing light attaches to any 1" square sign holder. A hinged sign holder is practical because the light turns off when you lower the sign holder. If you are ordering solar light, hinged sign holder, and blue OSHA sign plate together, just click 4015-93 for our Spur Track Guardian package.)