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Please note that the gauge rods are not painted yellow. The site pictures are colorized for clarity.

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    The main cause of derailments in industrial rail yards is over-wide track gauge.

    Locomotive and freight car wheels can exert as much as 4000 lbs. of side pressure against the rails. If the ties are spongy, they can lose their spike-holding strength and allow the rails to be pushed over from wheel side pressure. A between-the-rails derailment requires crane-lifting to put the car or engine back on the rails as well as extensive track repair.

    Double-end gauge rods offer maximum gauge-holding security.

    Single-end gauge rods hold the gauge by utilizing the outward pressure of wheels against the outer curved rail.

    A pair or iron jaws at each end of the double-ended gauge rod grip the rail base to hold the rails to gauge and keep the rails upright against wheel pressure.

    Made for standard gauge 56-½" track and rail sizes 60-140 lbs./yd. Can be furnished in insulated form and for narrow gauge at extra cost. Weight 38 lbs.