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Aldon tank car manway prybar for opening tankcar dome lids
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  • Aldon tank car manway prybar for opening tankcar dome lids
  • Aldon tank car manway prybar for opening tankcar dome lids
Item #: 4020-18
Price: $400.00


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    his product is manufactured by Aldon®

    Much Better than a Crowbar!

    Designed to engage the grab-handle of tank car manway covers. Five-foot steel pipe handle and a rocking foot provide the leverage to overcome suction caused by the difference in atmospheric pressure outside the tank car and inside. When using the pry bar, the worker can stand upright and avoid the escaping fumes when the lid pops free.

    See the tank car pry bar in action in our video.

    Now available in light-weight Spark-Proof Aluminum model (4020-19)


    1. Railcar must be securely braked and wheel chocks installed at both ends of the car.
    2. When using Pry Bar, worker must be equipped with fall protection and face and body protection against fumes and splashes.
    3. Be sure you have a firm footing when using the Pry Bar.
    4. Loosen eyebolts on dome lid, but leave at least one safety eyebolt in upright position to prevent dome lid from flying open.
    5. Engage end of Pry Bar foot with dome lid grab-handle.
    6. Keep clear of fumes after dome lid has been cracked. Lid must be opened by hand once lid has been freed from suction.
    7. If dome lid does not yield to one worker's reasonable force on the Pry Bar, report the problem to your supervisor.