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Helps reduce chance for side tipping when railcar is being loaded or unloaded. An unbalanced load can cause a railcar to suddenly tip sideways.

Spin-Top Screw Head

Maximum screw elevation 6 in.
Maximum Height: 54 in. (with screw fully extended)
Load Capacity: 75,000 lbs.
Base: 19 in. dia
Top Cap: 5" dia.
Base: 19" dia. steel circle. 10" dia. rubber tires

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For proper support, install four stabilizers per railcar, one at each end of the car, at the designated location for jacking or lifting the car. Always brake and chock car first, then install stabilizers. Check stabilizer contact with car body at intervals during unloading as car may rise as it lightens.

Quality Features

  • Class 2G Acme screw threads for a smooth fit and good support.
  • Removable bushing to allow replacement of screw assembly.
  • Swivel head tilts 9" to reduce side load bending force.
  • Zerk fitting provides uniform and constant lubrication of screw threads.
  • Bolt and washer prevent over-extension of screw.
  • Steel sleeve protects axle.
Price: $672.00
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