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Aldon railroad covered hopper car hatch lid opener
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Click the white arrow to view the Heavy Duty and the Standard Hatch Key® Pry Bars in action.

Item #: 4020-16
Price: $229.00


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    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

    Save your back and your fingers. Stubborn hatch covers yield to the leverage in our specially shaped bar. Worker should be secured to fall protection cable while using Hatch Key® Pry Bar.

    Weight 6 lbs.

    Consider using our Handle Loop (4024-302) to tether your Hatch Key® Pry Bar.


    1. Wear fall protection gear when using Hatch Key® Pry Bar.
    2. Lift straight up on handle. Do not angle or twist.
    3. Do not use excessive force. You may damage the Pry Bar or hatch cover.
    4. If hatch cover is frozen use our Heavy Duty Hatch Key® Pry Bar #4020-17.