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Aldon pnuematic railroad hopper car gate opener
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Item #: 4120-01
Price: $6,499.00


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    For opening cars carrying dry, granular, free-flowing materials.

    The Gate-Jack needs 80-125 psi air pressure and 70 cfm volume of air to produce 1,750 ft.-lbs. of output torque. The Gate-Jack housing mounts directly on the gate's spindle head. The operator twists the air control valve in the desired direction for the force of the Gate-Jack to be transmitted to the car gate.

    Control valves and hoses are provided.

    A 3/8" diameter lubricated airline is needed for best performance. The operator furnishes a 3 ft. steel rod (1 in. diameter) to serve as a braking bar.

    Weight 80 lbs.