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Aldon Gatemaster II hopper car gate opener gear reducer torque multiplier
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Item #: 4020-05
Price: $3,665.00


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    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

    Our Gatemaster openers are compact, simple-to-use manual tools for hard-to-open gates.

    (click the white arrow to view a video of the Gatemaster I and II in action)

    Through planetary gear reduction in the Gatemaster head, the worker's handle effort is multiplied 18-1/2 times — a considerable mechanical advantage. A maximum torque output of 3,200 ft.-lbs (enough to open almost all gates) can be achieved by only 173 lbs. of handle effort.

    By comparison, the same effort on a 6 ft. pry bar would only produce about 1,000 ft-lbs. of torque. There is no loss of effort when using the Gatemaster. The output torque is sustained until the gate opens or the operator releases the torque.

    Gatemaster II has an additional torquing unit which decreases the handle effort to just 35 lbs. to achieve a torque output of 3,200 ft.-lbs.

    Weight 30 lbs.