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For rail sizes 90-141 lbs./yd and wooden ties

Hinged Derails are permanently installed on two ties. Derail block with wheel-deflecting bar is swung on or off the rail as needed. Can be padlocked in either position. Derail must be sized to fit a specific rail height. A sizing form can be downloaded on the product page. Installation guides are also available for download on each product page.

All standard hinged derails come with a manual lift derail sign holder and a blue derail sign.

with Pop-Up Sign Holder

For rail sizes 90-141 lbs./yd and wooden ties

For more convenience and greater safety, we now offer a Pop-Up sign holder for all our hinged derails

The weight of the derail block when swung on the rail causes the sign holder to rise. When the derail block is swung off the rail, the sign holder falls down to the ties.

The 2-way for freight cars (and 4-axle locomotives) is illustrated with the worker using the optional lifting lever (4014-25).

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