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Important Information

Car Stops and Bumping Posts are for use on flat track only at a slow speed (1-3 mph).

  • Car Stops are not equal in stopping capacity to a Bumping Post. Limit use of car stops to lightly travelled side tracks, where one to two cars maximum are being moved.
  • Provide ample space between car stops and object to be protected.
  • Use a signalman to guide locomotive engineer as cars approach stop or post. Repeated impacts will weaken stops and posts.

Car stops are sold in single units but should always be used in pairs.

Ways to Use Car Stops

End-of-Track Stop

For car storage tracks and lightly used loading tracks.

Car Separation

Avoid contact between rail car being moved and nearby parked rail cars. Provide ample distance between stops and car.

Backup for Chocks

Provide additional stopping protection if wheel chocks/brake can't hold car steady

Chocking on Grades

1% max slope


  1. Install one stop on each rail.
  2. Ease car up against stops - no impact.
  3. Apply brake and chock rear wheels.
  4. For multiple cars use multiple pairs of stops (1 pair per car).
  5. Provide adequate means to stop car movement when car stops are removed.