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"Stay Clear" Chocks with Long Handles

Same proven design as standard cast steel chock, but with a longer (44 inch) handle for easier and safer positioning.

"Whack 'Em" Steel Wheel Chocks with Reinforced Handles

Idling locomotives and tank cars are subject to greater vibration and potential wheel movement when chocked than other rolling stock. Wheel chocks with rail-biting spurs can get stuck under the wheels. It can be very difficult to free a wheel chock without resorting to force. Ordinary wheel chock handles can bend when forced. Aldon®'s new Whack 'Em Severe Duty wheel chocks have reinforced steel handles that will not bend from extreme handle pressure. These cast steel wheel chocks feature Aldon®'s original heat-treated spurs for excellent rail-gripping power. The wheel chocks are low profile (less than 3" above the rails) ans fit all rail sizes and wheels from 28" to 42" diameter. Look for red handles.

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