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Aldon® Rail Safety Products help rail-using industrial firms comply with OSHA and FRA regulations. Moving and stopping 100-ton freight cars requires special equipment. Aldon® wheel chocks, Aldon® derails, and Aldon® railroad warning signs give workers better control over railcar movement. Aldon® car gate and door-opening tools make loading and unloading more efficient. If you operate even a single spur track into your plant, Aldon® Rail Safety Products are there to help you do the job better.

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Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

provide extra protection against car movement in case a car brake fails

Osha Blue Flag Signs
Sign Holders
Flags and Flag Holders
Blue Lights

warn that cars are being worked on the track


prevent unauthorized movement into, or out of a rail siding or section of track being repaired

Car Stops
Bumping Posts

provide long-term protection against brake failure

Rail Skids

can be used as wheel chocks or as car-stopping devices