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A Collision Waiting to Happen...

Workers switching a cut of cars at this industrial rail yard misjudged how far they could shove the lead car towards the switch. There was no marker in the track to tell them where to stop. Railroaders call this situation "fouling the switch." Left uncorrected, a fouled switch will cause a collision with a passing train.

Used to comply with Federal Railroad Administration Rule 49 CFR 218.101(c) Each railroad shall implement procedures that enable employees to identify clearance points and a means to identify location where clearance points will not permit a person to safety ride on the side of a car."

Aldon's permanent, highly visible and all-weather Track Clearance Markers solve a number of clearance problems at switches and when moving freight cars on spur tracks.


  • Molded in a special, stable form of urethane
  • Bright yellow glossy finish - easy to see at night
  • Withstands any temperature extreme, -50° to +140°
  • Can be bolted to tie in exposed rail or into concrete in flush rail

Our customers have identified 5 additional ways to use Track Clearance Markers.

1. End of Track Warning

Protect bumping posts and car stops by marking one, car length ahead to signal: "Slow down! Get ready to stop!"

4015-144 - Exposed Rail

4015-146 - Flush Rail - Asphalt

4015-156 - Flush Rail - Concrete

2. Loading/Unloading Zones

Designate where rail cars are to be spotted on spur track. Mark locations of dumping conveyors.

4015-144 - Exposed Rail

4015-146 - Flush Rail - Asphalt

4015-156 - Flush Rail - Concrete

3. Level Crossings

Define edges of rail crossing to alert vehicle drivers where to cross at night or in snow. Also useful during car shoving movements to avoid fouling the crossing.

4015-144 - Exposed Rail

4. Derail Awareness

Draw attention to location of derails on your track in both travel directions. Designate how close a car can be shoved to a derail to avoid unintentional derailments. (Customer decides best distance between clearance markers and derails.)

4015-144 - Exposed Rail

5. Car Repair Shops & Rip Tracks

Indicate where bad-order cars should be spotted for repair.

4015-144 - Exposed Rail - Rip Tracks

4015-146 - Flush Rail - Concrete - Car Shop