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Why Protect a Switch Point?

To reduce derailments, that's why!

The sharp ends of switch points are vulnerable to wheel battering as trains round into the turnoff track. The Switch Point leading into the spur track gets the brunt of the wheel hammering. If a switch point tip gets mangled, it will not lie flat against the running rail. Any gap between the switch point and the running rail will allow a wheel flange to slide in, "pick the point" open, and derail.

The Protector is a pad of cast manganese steel bolted to the web of the rail two inches in front of the switch point blade of the curved closure rail (circled in the photo above). The pad momentarily bumps a wheel flange away from the tip of the point or car wheel. The pad can be reversed when one end is worn down.

A Switch Point Protection pad will extend the service life of your switch points. Pad can be turned end-for-end to prolong service life. For use in yard tracks where speed is 5 mph or less.

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