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For all crane stops:

Use in pairs     Align stops     Do not use at end of crane run

Allow ample distance between crane stops and the object to be protected

Isolate a Crane Undergoing Repairs

Cushion-Slide Crane Stops

Drag plates allow wedge to slide some distance to absorb impact. On smaller sizes of rail, plates may interfere with rail hook bolts - use non-slide crane stops in such cases.

Protect Workers from Crane Overrun

Non-Slide Crane Stops

Wedge dogs lock wedge to rail head and do not interfere with rail hook bolts. On impact, stops may slide minimally. Tighten bolts frequently.

OSHA Regulations

Single or Multiple Crane Operations

1910.179(e) ...

(ii) Stops shall be fastened to resist forces applied when contacted.

(iii) A stop engaging the tread of the wheel shall be of a height at least equal to the radius of the wheel.

(e) Where other cranes are in operation on the same runway, rail stops or other suitable means shall be provided to prevent interference with the idle crane