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Aldon Company, Inc
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GUARDIAN Fixed Height Trailer Stabilizers

in Trailer Stabilization

You don't need a ratchet screw!

Use landing leg handle to lower or raise trailer nose!

Adjustable Height Trailer Stabilizers

Install a pair of jacks at front of trailer against the smooth underfloor and always in front of the kingpin.

Aldon® Trailer Stabilizing Jacks are not cheap imports but are made to last. Features include Zerk fittings for constant lubrication, replaceable wheels and screw assemblies, reinforced axles, Aldon® Crane Stops are made for overhead bridge cranes, either for wheel contact or bumper contact.

Quality Features

  • Class 2G Acme screw threads for a smooth fit and good support.
  • Removable bushing to allow replacement of screw assembly.
  • Swivel head tilts 9° to reduce side load bending force (except 4013-06).
  • Zerk fitting provides uniform and constant lubrication of screw threads.
  • Bolt and washer prevent over-extension of screw.
  • Steel sleeve protects axle.
  • Spare parts always available.
  • Powder coated yellow finish.
Type Item Number Height Range Load Capacity Top Base Wt
GUARDIAN Adjustable 4013-13 42"-46" 75,000 lbs 5" 14" 54 lbs
Standard Jack 4013-06 43½"-50½" 25,000 lbs 5" 12" 54 lbs
Heavy Duty Spin Top 4013-07 41'-50½" 60,000 lbs 7" 14" 110 lbs
Heavy Duty Ratchet 4013-03 41"-50½" 60,000 lbs 7" 14" 110 lbs
Telescope Jack 4013-08 39"-51" 25,000 lbs 7" 12" 35 lbs

How to choose and use jacks

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