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  • "SPOT-CHECK" Magnetic Laser Gauge - 4022-26
  • "SPOT-CHECK" Magnetic Laser Gauge - 4022-26
  • "SPOT-CHECK" Magnetic Laser Gauge - 4022-26

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Video shows Discontinued non-magnetic model.

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Item #: 4022-26
Price: $353.08


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    More Accurate Than a Tape Measure

    Battery-powered laser unit measures gauge to within 1/32" accuracy. Aluminum bracket with two rare-earth magnets holds Spot Check on rail. Two adjusting screws raise or lower laser beam 20° with laser range of 135 feet. Worker aims laser beam at a point 5/8" below the head of the opposite rail and reads the gauge. Spot Check makes it easier to check track gauge at intervals - previous readings are displayed as well as current readings.

    Also useful for checking overhead and side clearance of tracks, as well as new rail construction.