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Rail Safety
Training & Consulting Service

Rail Safe offers the most comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective railroad operations and safety training available. Our mission is to reduce railroad related incidents to zero by identifying and eliminating at-risk behavior.

Our training courses ensure you comply with all regulations and help keep your rail operations safe and incident free.

Rail Safe has a seasoned staff of railroad consultants, most with over 40 years of Class I carrier experience. We have the resources to train your employees in the “Best Practices Method” allowing your safety department to focus on compliance.

Courses/Services We Offer:

  • Industrial Switching Operations Training
  • Safety Awareness
  • Locomotive Operation
  • Contractor and Visitor Rail Safety
  • Roadway Worker Training
  • Hazardous Material Tank Car Loading and Unloading
  • Track Inspections
  • Initial Safety and Post Training Evaluation Audits

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Rail Shipper News

Reporting on the news and happenings of shortline, industrial, and tourist railroads.

In publication for over 40 years and published bi-monthly, in each issue of The Short Line you will find news and current events affecting U.S. short line and industrial railroads.

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