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Wide Gauge Derailment
with all four wheels on the ties.

In this example the LEFT RAIL needs bracing.-
The outer curved rail takes most of the pressure.

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Price: $169.00


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    Widening track gauge is a frequent cause of derailments in industrial rail yards. The wheels of passing trains exert considerable side-pressure against the rails. This causes the rails to momentarily flex outward as the wheels move by. Curved track is more vulnerable to this stress that straight-line track. The outer curved rail takes the brunt of wheel side-pressure. The tighter the curve, the more pressure against the outer rail. (Look for wear patches on the gauge face of the rail as a sign.) In time, the flex and return process can cause spikes to lose their holding power. The rail base can begin migrating outward, digging a ridge into the tie surface. At some point, when gauge goes beyond 57½”, the weakened rails may give way, leading to serious derailments.

    One remedy for preventing gauge-stress is Aldon®’s RAIL KICKER Rail Brace. When installed on sound ties on the outer curved rail, at every third or fourth tie, RAIL KICKER will help hold the gauge to 56½”. RAIL KICKER braces the head of the rail, where support is most needed.


    RAIL KICKER Braces are good insurance against gauge-widening for curved track entering or leaving a switch, where wheel side pressure can be at its greatest.

    How to Order: Install a brace every third or fourth tie on the outer curved rail for the length of the curve. Please measure your rail height according to the Sizing Form (click here) on the website and return the form to us.

    Weight 19 lbs.

    Base is 8" square, overall length is 17"