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GUARDIAN™ Fixed Height Trailer Stabilizers

in Trailer Stabilization


Two fixed height Guardian jacks can take the place of heavy, clumsy ratchet jacks for supporting the front end of a parked semi-trailer.

Most parked trailers stand 46" above the pavement, so it's easy to slip the 45" tall Guardian jacks under the nose. Then all you do is give the trailer landing leg's handle a few cranks to lower the trailer to contact the jack.

To remove the jacks, crank the landing leg handle a few times to lift the nose just enough to slip the two jacks out from under.

What could be simpler? SEE OUR VIDEO and you will see how easy it is to use Fixed Height Guardian jacks.

Use landing leg handle to lower or raise trailer nose!

75,000 lb Load Capacity

Wt. 20 lbs Wt. 45 lbs


  1. No ratchet screw necessary
  2. No wheels needed
  3. No maintenance required
  4. Lightweight
Type Item Number Height Load Capacity Top Base Weight
GUARDIAN™ Fixed Aluminum 4013-15 45" 75,000 lbs 5" 14" 20 lbs
GUARDIAN™ Fixed Steel 4013-14 45" 75,000 lbs 5" 14" 45 lbs

Adjustable Height Trailer Stabilizers

All steel construction - powder coat finish

Type Item Number Height Range Load Capacity Top Base Weight
H. D. Spin Top Jack 4013-07 41"-50½" 60,000 lbs 7" 14" 110 lbs
Standard Jack w/wheels 4013-06 43½"-50½" 25,000 lbs 5" 12" 54 lbs
Telescoping Jack 4013-08 39"-51" 25,000 lbs 7" 12" 35 lbs

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