Aldon Company, Inc

Aldon Company, Inc
Manufacturers of Rail Safety Products Since 1904


New Ways to Use Aldon Products

Solar Lights

Sun power for night work

How Customers Are Using Our Solar Lights

Bumping Post Alert

Hinged lockable post clamps to rail. Amber flashing solar light with bolt-on bracket.

4015-05 Permanent Hinged Sign Holder

4015-57 Amber Solar Flashing Light with Bolting Bracket

Derail Activation Alert

When derail is on the rail, blue light flashes. Blue flashing solar light bolts to any 1” square derail sign holder.

4015-135 Blue Flashing Solar Light with T-Bracket

Hinged Derails

Blue Flag Alert

Blue and white combo flashing solar light attaches to any 1” square sign holder. Blue light says STOP, white light illuminates sign wording.

4015-205 Flashing Solar Combo Light with mounting bracket

4015-54 Magnetic Base Sign Holder

OSHA Sign Plates

Moving Cars Alert

Amber flashing solar light with magnet bracket attaches to car body.

4015-35 Amber Solar Flashing Light with Magnetic Bracket

Track Clearance Marker

More than just a clearance market for converging tracks at switches, Marker can be used for these rail safety purposes as well:

1. End of Track Warning

2. Loading/Unloading Zones

3. Level Crossings

4. Derail Awareness

5. Car Repair Shops & Rip Tracks

Track Gauge Control Rods

The main cause of derailments in industrial rail yards is over-wide track gauge. Locomotive and freight car wheels can exert as much as 4000 lbs of side pressure against the rails. If the ties are spongy, they can lose their spike holding strength and allow the rails to be pushed over from wheel side pressure.

A simple preventative measure for gauge spread is to install Aldon double-ended gauge control rods every 8 feet in high traffic track.

Gauge spread at the points end of a switch can prevent close contact of switch point to running rail — a detachment waiting to happen.

If your switch lacks gauge plates, use a gauge rod to hold the gauge to 56½"

Single End Gauge Rod 4127-01
Double End Gauge Rod 4127-02