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Aldon Company, Inc
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  • Magnetic Track Barrier and Sign Plate - MagBarSign
  • Magnetic Track Barrier - 4015-228
  • "STOP Do Not Enter" Sign Plate - 4015-229
  • Derail Sign 24" x 18" - 4015-245

    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

    Get the attention of anyone approaching a section of track that must be kept "off limits" temporarily, for track repairs or unloading of hazardous materials, etc.

    Give advance warning of a derail.

    Rectangular aluminum tube has powerful rare earth magnets at each end that grip the rail surfaces.

    Will withstand 60 mph wind pressure against sign plate. Sign plate (18" x 24" aluminum) is big enough to be seen at a good distance.

    Aluminum holder is not insulated. If insulated version needed, we can supply a fiberglass tube instead.

    24" wide by 18" tall .080" Engineer Grade reflectorized aluminum sign plate (two standard wordings). Barrier bar and sign plate are each sold separately.

    Custom wording and color is available with minimum order of 4 sign plates. (Please call our sales department 847.623.8800.)

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    Magnetic sign holder

    (sign plate not included)


    24" x 18" Aluminum Sign Plate: STOP Do Not Enter


    24" x 18" Aluminum Sign Plate: DERAIL