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  • Locomotive Chocking Skid (Flush Rail) - 4016-09-L/R
  • Locomotive Chocking Skid (Flush Rail, Left) - 4016-09-L
  • Locomotive Chocking Skid (Flush Rail, Right) - 4016-09-R

    This product is manufactured by Aldon®

    At 16 lbs and 17½", this model skid is handy for chocking locomotives on flat track. The low-profile (4" tall) handle clears any wheel frame or brake shoe obstruction.

    Locomotive air and hand brakes must be applied as soon as wheel has mounted skid. The skid alone will not hold a locomotive steady.

    Not recommended for grades, as skid may not hold the load.

    Sold as "left rail" or "right rail" as viewed from the handle end of the skid:

    Also available for exposed rail: 4016-13

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    1. For use on flush rail track only.
    2. For rail sizes 90 to 155 lbs/yd
    3. For use on flat track only. Not recommended for grades, as the skid may not be able to hold the load.
    4. Rail surface must be clean. Greasy rail can cause a skid to slide too freely.
    5. Minimum wheel diameter 28”.
    6. All workers and bystanders must stand well clear of sides and front of railcar or locomotive when wheels are mounting skids. Wheel pressure can suddenly “squeeze” a skid out from under with great force.
    7. Never use rail skids if one end of the railcar or locomotive is lifted up for inspection or repair. All wheels must remain on the rails.
    8. Replace skid if tongue is broken or curled.

    Special Caution for Chocking Railcars

    Roll car slowly up on the skid. Apply car brakes. It may be necessary to install a steel wheel chock at the other end of the car, depending on track conditions