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Helping you keep in compliance with the FRA

When a railroad performs switching inside your plant, your track must comply with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) minimum track safety standards (TSS).

Learn the proper interpretation and application of the FRA Track Safety Standards from former FRA Track Managers.

Dennin, Rusk & Associates track training is “approved by the FRA” and is unlike any you’ll get elsewhere, as you’ll be taught and receive guidance on identifying track defects and the proper remedial actions.

If you prefer, DRA can provide more than training. DRA will perform periodic FRA-compliant track inspections of your industrial track or short line railroad for you. After the inspection, we furnish you a detailed report and can provide a suggested maintenance program. We can also perform follow-up track inspections that measure the quality of a contractor’s performance and provide oversight of track rehabilitation projects.

Don’t let the fox watch the henhouse! From our baseline inspection, we can develop a capital improvement program for you, which saves you money by identifying only those track repairs that are necessary. We have relationships with reputable railroad contractors across the country that we can recommend to perform your track maintenance, if you so desire.


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