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Rail Safety Products Consultation
Using Aerial Imagery

Aldon® sales engineers use Pictometry® aerial photographs of your rail yard to aid in phone consultations. It's almost like being there. The detail in aerial photography is remarkable. Track grade, track curvature, terrain features — we can count the ties in your track to give you a precise placement.

The Aldon® product line covers almost all aspects of industrial rail yard operations. We have more than a century of experience in solving rail safety and track maintenance problems. Our sales engineers use aerial photographs of your plant-site to aid in discussions with you.

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We can produce Product Placement Maps when appropriate, to guide your choice of installation location.

The capabilities of today's aerial photography are remarkable.

Determine Percent of Track Grade

Scale Distances

Expert Advice on Selection, Location, Installation and
Use for Aldon® Rail Safety and Track Repair Products

Permanent Installation - Where and How


Car Stops

Clearance Markers

Gauge Braces

Track Switch Safety

Portable and Temporary - Where and When

Blue Flags

Wheel Chocks

Rail Skids


Tank Car Sockets

Track Inspection and Repair - How To

Inspect Your Track

Measure Track Gauge

Measure Grades and Curves

Restore Track Gauge

Track Switch Maintenance

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