Rail Heaters
Rope Pull Apart 
1" dia. fiberglass rope. Soak in kerosene and use to heat rail head prior to welding. Sold in 125 ft. lengths.
Weight 23 lbs.

4124-17 $220.00 /PC
Fire Snake (can of 4) 

Heats rail to draw joints together and promote rail bonding. Flammable gel in protective casing burns hotter (360°F) and longer (20 min.) than rope pull-aparts. Sold in lots of four 10 ft. sections in metal safety can. Special flammable shipping regulations apply. Use Flare Holder to ignite.

Weight 15 lbs. per can of 4
4123-130 $90.00 /can of 4
Flare Holder 

(for Fire Snake)
Fusee snaps in at end of handle for safer igniting.
4123-131 $21.00 /PC